About Us


We provide finance, financial and advisory services to assist in the economic development of Fiji and in particular in the development of agriculture, commerce and industry.


To be a dynamic financial service provider in the development of Fiji.


The values that the staff of the Bank embraces in the execution of their duties reflects the pivotal role the Bank plays in the development of the country. The values are known by the acronym DICIA and it stands for:

Development: FDB continually focuses on the economic development of our country that is why we exist. We believe in the development of Fiji and bringing success to its entire people.

Innovation: FDB continuously strives to exceed customers’ expectations with product and services that would meet the changing needs of all customers and also taking advantage of emerging opportunities before competitors can.

Collaboration: FDB always works as one team and communicates one message for the development of Fiji and its people.

Integrity: FDB exhibits the highest levels of objectivity, honesty, transparency, fairness and responsibility at all times.

Accountability: FDB acknowledges and assumes responsibility for its actions with the overarching obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences.


Our objectives set the broad direction for FDB.

  • To improve the socio economic status of people by making the right development investments and financing;
  • To stay financially and economically sustainable.


The goals are specific aims set to achieve the wider objectives. To create integrated approach the Bank’s goals are identified under six (6) Thematic Areas namely Financial, Customers, Internal Business Processes, Learning and Growth, Employee Engagement and Community and Environment. The goals are:

  1. Financial Thematic Area – Deployment of Prudent Financial Management Practices
  2. Customers Thematic Area – Industry Level Customer Service Experience
  3. Internal Business Processes Thematic Area – Focused Internal Business Processes.
  4. Learning and Growth Thematic Area – Developing a Culture of Innovation and Growth
  5. Employee Engagement Thematic Area – Employee Engagement Throughout the Network
  6. Community and Environment Thematic Area – Integrated Approach to Community and Environment