Having a clear understanding of the steps involved in opening, financing, running and marketing a company could help you determine if you’re ready to be a business owner, and whether your idea could be a success.


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Small business owners sell a wide variety of products and services. Perhaps you’ve developed a new jewelry collection that you want to sell online and in local shops. You might have a valuable skill that you can offer. Or, you may want to buy and run an established business rather than start from scratch.

Before you think about starting a new company, you need to develop a business plan. An effective business plan helps guide you through every stage of your business, from starting up to managing and growing.

During the process of setting up your business, you can choose one of many different legal structures for your business. Some give you the option to have little to no legal or financial separation between your personal and business finances. Others create a legal organization (generally called an entity) that is, in most cases, legally and financially separate from you, the business owner.

Important decisions to make include:


  • Carefully choosing one of many different legal structures that suits your business needs as shown below.

Mastering financial basics like budgeting, saving, financing and credit can help you grow your business and reach your short- and long-term business goals successfully. It’s easier to plan how you will grow your business if you can carefully manage your finances.

Digital commerce technologies can make it possible to work from anywhere. They expand the potential customer base for your business, help you manage your business more effectively, make your customer interactions more meaningful and convenient, and make work more pleasant for your employees.