SME Awards

The Small & Medium Enterprise Awards commenced in August 2014 to promote Small Medium Enterprise (SME) development through the recognition of successful and innovative entrepreneurs who are making a livelihood and in doing so collectively make a strong contribution to the Fiji economy.

The annual award has been created as a recognition mechanism for small & medium enterprise entities who against insurmountable odds, continue to thrive because of the tenacity and determination of its operators
The competition serves as a medium for the FDB to market itself to the people of Fiji and also serves as part of the Banks corporate social responsibility program. The Bank believes that small businesses are the cornerstone of new economic growth and that it has a strong role to play in fostering new business development.

Entry is open to all SMEs (even non-clients of FDB) as long as they are 100% locally owned and in operation for at least 12 months. An SME is defined as an enterprise that turns over between $30,000 and $500,000 annually and employs between 5 and 50 people.


Money smart is an Educational programme developed for school children where they are taught the basics of understanding money and simple monetary management skills by inculcating good spending , budgeting and savings habits.

The objective of this programme is to start the childs financials education early. The Bank believes that if we educate the children on the value of money, the benefits will remain with them for life.

In a partnership between the Ministry of Education and the Fiji Development Bank Money $mart was launched in 2007.  By the end of the year workshops were conducted in various centres of Fiji to assess the success of this program.

The money $mart program had excellent results, because of this the Bank decided to award these schools for their hard work and dedication to this program. The first money $mart awards was held on the 10th of April 2008, with 4 schools being awarded a computer set from the Bank.