SME Credit Guarantee Scheme

The Fiji Government has allocated funds for the establishment of an SME Credit Guarantee Scheme which was announced in the 2012 National Budget. The fund has been setup by government to start up the scheme and this will be administered by the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

The scheme is accessible to commercial banks, licensed credit institutions and the Fiji Development Bank.

The SME Credit Guarantee scheme offers Business Purchase or Establishment, Contractual Transport or Plant Operations in the following Sub-Sectors:

  1. Transport – Taxis; Hire cars; Trucks, Marine vessels, Minibuses, etc.
  2. Distributive – Delivery, Storage, etc.
  3. Wholesale/Retail – for purchase of fixed assets and or initial Working capital requirements.
  4. Services
    • Repair Shops, Fuel Stations, Wreckers, etc.
    • Fast Food Services, Restaurants, etc.
    • Tourism: Accommodation, Resorts, Tours, Eco tourism projects etc.
    • Accountancy, Dentistry, Law, Medicine, etc.
    • Manufacturing

The above would include acquisition of fixed assets like the purchase of land, buildings, machinery and equipment for such businesses and or providing contractual transport or plant operations for any of the above businesses.


• Maximum loan $500,000
• 20% Equity required

  • Interest rate of less than 10% per annum

Maximum Term:

  1. Buildings:

    • Construction – 15 years
    • Purchase – 15 years
  2. Plant and Equipment (Fixed) or shorter of Working Life – 10 years

  3. Vehicles:

    • Taxis and Hire Cars (New) – 5 years Maximum loan
    • Minibuses (New) – 4 years
    • Minibuses (Second-hand) – 3 years
    • Utilities and Vans (New) – 3 years
    • Trucks (New) – 4 years
    • Used Vehicles (3 years old) – 3 years
    • Tractors and Heavy Rolling Equipment – 7 years
  4. Working Capital – under Wholesale/Retail – 5 years
  5. Acquisition of Shares in Companies/ Partnerships – 5 years
  • Terms available to suit your business cycle.
    • Reasonable fees & charges.
    • Reduced administrative requirements.
    • Normal FDB screening for credit assessment applies.

How do I apply?

We are always ready to help you get started on your application so please do visit an FDB Branch nearest to you and speak to any of our Relationship & Sales Officers OR you can also enquire about this product online or download application forms.