The Fiji Development Bank (FDB) was established under the Fiji Development Bank Act 1966 on 1 July 1967, sixteen years after development banking started in Fiji with the Agricultural and Industrial Loans Board.

The Bank is an autonomous statutory body, the operations of which are controlled by a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister of Finance.

FDB provides financing that contributes to the development of the Fijian economy leading to the enhancement of the quality of life for all Fijians.

The Bank has been in existence for more than 55 years now and remains Fiji’s only national development financial institution to this date. It has contributed significantly to the success story of the Fijian economy across generations.

FDB is also the first development Bank in the South Pacific to be accredited to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the world’s largest climate fund, as a Direct (National) Access Entity.


FDB provides robust services to sectors and enterprises that contribute to the sustainable development of the Fijian economy.


To remain sustainable in servicing our customers while adapting to the changes in our environment.


Our objectives set the broad direction for FDB.

  • To improve the socioeconomic status of people by assisting them with their needs making the right development investments and financing and
  • To stay financially and economically stable.


To be a dynamic financial service provider in the development of Fiji.


The Bank have a clear set of values to inform and guide its employees, as well as for engagement with our customers and communities. The most important feature is that these values are intentional and integrated into the business model to grow Fiji. The values are known by the acronym RAPID, and it stands for Respect, Accountability, Passion, Integrity, Development.

Respect: FDB encourages its staff to listen actively and respond appropriately.

Accountability: FDB acknowledges and assumes responsibility for its actions with the overarching obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences.

Passion: FDB encourages staff to deliver outputs with the highest level of passion.

Integrity: FDB exhibits the highest levels of objectivity, honesty, transparency, fairness and responsibility at all times.

Development: FDB continually focuses on the economic development of our country, that is why we exist. We believe in the development of our country, that is why we exist. We believe in the development of our country, that is why we exist. We believe in the development of Fiji and bringing success to its entire people.