Our Mandate

The role of the Bank as mandated under the FDB Act is to:

“facilitate and stimulate the promotion and development of natural resources, transportation and other industries and enterprises in Fiji and in the discharge of these functions, the Bank shall give special consideration and priority to the economic development of the rural and agricultural sectors of the economy of Fiji.”

Our Target Sectors

In carrying out its business, the Bank will continue to provide capital and other resources for investment in the following sectors, which are consistent with the objective of maintaining a reasonable diversification in its investments among all sectors of the economy:

  • Agriculture, including forestry and fishing;
  • Mining and Quarrying;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Transport, Communications and Storage;
  • Wholesale, Retail, Hotels and Restaurants;
  • Professional and Business Services;
  • Building and Construction;
  • Private Individuals and
  • Real Estate.