Yaubula Term Deposit

FDB’s Yaubula Term Deposit

“Nurturing your Investments”

The facility is designed for investors seeking a secure fixed investment opportunity with maximum guaranteed returns.

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Minimum deposit of $25,000.
No maximum investment limit.

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Convenient and hassle free investment.
Reliable and secure investment.
Attractive interest rates.
Collateralisation of invested funds.
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Investment Terms and Interest Rates *

Negotiated interest rates and terms for investments above $100,000.
Negotiated rates for terms between 6 to 11 months.

Interest Payout Terms*

Yaubula Term Deposit considers needs and offers a flexible interest payout term of Quarterly, Six-Monthly, Yearly and at maturity.

At maturity, investors can:
• fully withdraw principal and interest;
• withdraw interest earned only and re-invest principal;
• re-invest both principal and interest earned.

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Contact our Treasury Team on 3314866 or email on treasury@fdb.com.fj for more information on how to access this facility.

The Treasury Team will update on current rates offered or any other query you may have on the Yaubula Term Deposit. Fee applies for all early redemption of the deposit.

*Terms and Conditions Apply