Staff training and up skilling remains a priority for the Fiji Development Bank (FDB) as it launched its first series of trainings on ‘Understanding Financial Statements for Decision Making” at the head office in Suva this morning (22/07).

“Our people are our most valuable asset and therefore, continuous development is a priority to ensure that we consistently improve and deliver our best from the moment you walk through our doors,” FDB Chief Executive Officer, Mr Deve Toganivalu said.

“The training session launched today is a re-fresher module for all our staff members. The skills that comes with being able to read, interpret and analyse financial statements is crucial across the bank and not just in our lending departments. The course discusses the complexities of financial statements in relation to the Fiji Development Bank lending procedures in clear and concise language”

This exercise encourages better understanding of the client’s business and moves FDB into the sphere as a financier as well as a mentor. This progression is directly in line with the vision and mission of the Fiji Development Bank.