The hallmark of a good product is the demand it creates – not based on price but quality. Sure, price is a consideration for many people when comparing several items that provide or serve a similar purpose, but you know you have a good thing when your commodity creates a consistent demand across the market. Besides, you get what you pay for.

Quality is what Keshwa Nadan; managing director of Kaks Marketing seeks out each time he brings in a new product to add to his growing line of hygiene and janitorial products, cleaning chemicals and equipment. Kaks also provide disinfectants, sanitisers, pest control products and services to a wide range of clients.

Kaks was established in 1991 as a limited liability company operating on a small scale providing basic cleaning products. Business soon started to make headway and an expansion was next.

“I approached the Fiji Development Bank in 1996 for my first loan and my customer base grew rapidly. The loan assisted me in the purchase of machinery and equipment to process our products locally,” Keshwa said.

“Since then, we have always had a good relationship with FDB and they are the reason my business has grown to the stage it is today. As one of those companies starting small, the window of opportunity offered by FDB made us see other potential in this line of business which we continue to branch out into and in the process, expand our operations.”

Today, Kaks has distribution rights to 17 renowned international manufacturers of cleaning equipment, brushes, vacuum cleaners, water blasters. They also have a book with 300 commercial clients which continue to grow annually.

“We also bring a lot of raw materials to blend in Fiji where we make our own mix for products like laundry powder, cleaning detergents, sanitisers, disinfectants and air fresheners,” Keshwa said.

“As we have grown, I have always ensured that we provide the one-stop concept in cleaning products and services. From our experience in the years of running this business, we have continued to improve on that by introducing new products and equipment to better cater for our customers’ needs.”

Kaks now employs 22 people located in four shops in the main centres of Suva, Lautoka, Nadi and Labasa. Keshwa is now in consultation with FDB to further expand his Suva operations.

“Not only is FDB assisting me in my expansion plans, but the FDB Market Day which they have organised will assist not only me but other bank clients promote our goods and services,” he said.

The FDB Market Day will be held at the FDB car park in Suva on Saturday, 15 March from 6am to 1pm.

“We have the opportunity to also meet other small businesses and who may need our services but have not heard of us, so this is a good time to meet them and on the same token, us, them,” Keshwa said.

Kak’s is one of 14 exhibitors at the FDB Market which include Foods Pacific, Tripacific Marine, Fiji Dairy Limited, Kaiming Agro Processors and Nahari Electrical amongst others.

The FDB Market is an initiative by the Fiji Development Bank to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and showcase the enormous agricultural and SME potential Fiji has. This is also a unique opportunity for people to source great deals and see the diverse range of local businesses supported by FDB.