The Fiji Development Bank (“FDB”), is committed to the highest possible standards of integrity, a culture of openness, transparency, professionalism and accountability. The values that the staff of the Bank embraces in the execution of their duties reflects the pivotal role the Bank plays in the development of the country.

In line with this commitment and good corporate governance, FDB has a whistleblower policy to provide the avenue for genuine and legitimate concerns to be raised by employees and stakeholders (“Reporting Individual”) of any breach of laws, malpractices, wrongdoings, and unethical behavior via proper procedures.

Whistleblowing encourages employees to bring unethical or illegal practices to the forefront and addressing them before they become fatal to the organization.

These concerns include (but is not limited to):

  • Any illegal act;
  • Fraud, dishonesty or embezzlement;
  • Inappropriate or unethical behavior of the employees with clients;
  • Inappropriate disclosure of Bank’s confidential information (including intellectual property);
  • Engaging in activities that comprise or are potentially in conflict with the interests of the Bank;
  • Accounting or internal control issues;
  • Exchange of gifts or anything of value that would compromise with the objectivity of the employee’s responsibilities;
  • Use of inside information by an employee for personal benefit/gain.

The identity of the whistleblower will be kept Confidential. All reports by the whistleblowers will be treated fairly and properly to the greatest extent possible. The Bank will not retaliate against any Whistleblower acting in good faith. The process should not be used to support personal grievances about conditions of employment or disputes.

Employees and/or others wishing to anonymously report suspicious activity may e-mail to

If your concerns do not fall within the Whistle Blower Policy, please submit your queries by Contacting Us via Customer Compliant.