About This Award

Wholesale involves purchasing of goods or services from manufactures and selling those goods or services to retailers, in large quantities or bulk.

Retail involves the purchase of goods or services from wholesalers to sell those goods or services directly to the consumer, in smaller quantities.


To apply for any of the awards in this category, your business should be excelling in its sector and be able to demonstrate it meets the eligibility criteria.

Judging criteria includes evidence that demonstrates acceptable banking habits, savings trend, efficient bookkeeping attributes, as well as marketing and customer service attributes reflected in the business plan.

An excelling business is one that can demonstrate innovative traits or business methods by showing evidence of a unique approach, product or service resulting in a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

The business must also demonstrate leadership traits or business methods by showing evidence of strong financial performance and business growth.

This should be within the competitive marketplace in which it operates as well as awareness towards the community and the environment.

Types of wholesale & retail SMEs that can apply for this award include those operating:

  • Wholesale / Retail traders who are involved in buying and/or selling of goods.
  • Exporters.
  • Commission merchants.
  • Scarp metal, waste and junk dealers.
  • Sellers of machinery/ automobile/ technology/ electronics.
  • Clothing and/or general items stores/shops.
  • Canteens.
  • Hotels & Restaurants.
  • Cafes/Coffee Shops.
  • Duty free traders.