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Awards in the Developing SMEs category include: Agriculture, Wholesale/Retail, Tourism, Professional Business Services and Manufacturing.


• demonstrates innovative traits or business methods;

• shows evidence of success as measured by sales and profits;

• demonstrates acceptable banking habits and savings trend;

• demonstrates efficient book keeping attributes;

• exhibits business potential for long-term success, and

• demonstrates Environmental awareness and a commitment to the community.


• evidence of a unique approach, product, or service resulting in a strategic advantage in the marketplace;

• evidence of strong financial performance and business growth within the competitive marketplace in which they operate;

• evidence of acceptable banking habits and savings trend;

• evidence of efficient book keeping attributes;

• a sound business plan and sales and marketing strategy;

• environmental awareness and a commitment to the community, and

• strong leadership and management with the ability to drive the business forward.


Hari Deo -Taveuni
Winner of the 2017 Advanced Agriculture Award in the Developing SMEs Category sponsored by Vinod Patel & Company Limited