Fijiana Cacao Winner of the Manufacturing Award in the Developing SMEs Category sponsored by KOOKAÏ

Fijiana Cacao

Fijiana Cacao is the trading name of Easy in Fiji Ltd that manufactures pure, high quality, single-origin Fiji dark chocolate.  Done in the old fashioned way, these are largely made by hand using just two locally-sourced ingredients: sun-dried cacao from remote rain forest plantations and raw cane sugar.

Originally from Japan, Tomohito and Harumi Zukoshi became the pioneers for luxury Fijian chocolate in 2006. Driven by their taste buds and success of their chocolate ice-cream, they decided to take a chance on Fijian chocolate, and set up Adi Chocolates. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, rebranding to Fijiana Cacao. They manufacture several distinct product lines ranging from Chocolate bars and raw cacao beans to couverture chocolates for chefs and chocolate covered coffee beans and island ginger.