Hari Deo -Taveuni Winner of the Advanced Agriculture Award in the Developing SMEs Category sponsored by Vinod Patel & Company Limited

Hari Deo

A Contractor and Quantity Surveyor by profession, Hari Deo operates a Poultry Meat Birds and Layer Production business in Delai-Vuna, Taveuni. He began Yaqona farming at Sialevu Estate in 2010 but ventured into poultry farming and became the largest poultry production in Taveuni within 6 years of his business startup. With most farmers focusing on Dalo and Yaqona farming, Hari Deo capitalized on the high demand for eggs and meat birds in Southern Taveuni.

Tropical Cyclone Winston had severely affected Hari Deo’s farm but he bounced and has plans to further expand his business into a large scale commercial farm. He also employs innovative mechanisms of business operations including rearing meat bird with free-range feeding techniques during the day time and solar energy supply to name a few.